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Inspired by Chip Conley’s book, Wisdom @ Work: The Making of a Modern Elder, Marci Alboher went on a quest to understand how intergenerational workplaces can become a reality. She included an interview with CIRKEL Founder, Charlotte Japp:

Ms. Japp got right to the heart of one of the main points Mr. Conley makes in his book. At a time when we can Google the answer to just about anything, it’s important to remember that some things come only through lived experience. And there’s a certain magic when older and younger learn from, and with, each other.


In an article for LinkedIn news, reporter Andrew Murfett interviewed CIRKEL Founder, Charlotte Japp about the issue of ageism in the workplace, specifically within the creative sectors.

Having witnessed her mom get laid off from an auction house after 15 years and her dad struggle to find work as a creative director within the advertising world, Charlotte explained how creativity is seen as “a younger person’s game,” despite the fact that creative thinking continues evolving and refining itself with age.

The response from creatives of all ages has been overwhelming, as frustrated workers in media & advertising careers expressed gratitude that their experiences with ageism are being recognized.

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In light of a breaking lawsuit against NY1 from five anchorwomen who claim their screentime was drastically diminished because of their age, Reporter Magee Hickey interviewed Charlotte Japp and her mom, Christina Japp, about ageism in the workplace, especially for women.


Leah Kinthaert asked Charlotte to write about the impetus for creating a brand that tackles the next frontier of diversity: ageism. As a female founder, Charlotte aims to create a hyper-inclusive team so that all perspectives are represented across age, gender, race & ethnicity, and sexual orientation.


In a piece by’s Sarah McKinney Gibson, Founder Charlotte Japp is asked about her reason for starting CIRKEL, the brand’s aim to shift perceptions among generations, and expand the event series to Los Angeles and The UK.


Leah Kinthaert wrote an article about the consequences of ageism in the workplace and included some thought leadership from people who are vocal about the future of the workplace as it becomes multigenerational. Along with leaders like Ashton Applewhite, CIRKEL Founder, Charlotte Japp was able to share some tips on how older workers can deal with getting aged out of a job so they can bounce back even stronger in their next career opportunity.


Retirement Wisdom Podcast

Joe Casey and Denis Wuestman speak on their podcast Retirement Wisdom about helpful tips to help people transition into retirement or their second act career. As part of their Noteworthy Series, Joe and Denis interviewed CIRKEL Founder, Charlotte Japp, about the power of intergenerational mentoring and which skills older and younger professionals can exchange to support each other in their respective career stages.


Zestful Aging Podcast

In her podcast, Zestful Aging, psychotherapist Nicole Christina engages guests in thoughtful conversation around longevity and aging well.

In this episode with probably her youngest guest - CIRKEL Founder, Charlotte Japp - Nicole digs deep into the CIRKEL origin story. The podcast covers some of Charlotte’s most important inspirations, from her mother educating her on Swedish design, to books like New Power by Henry Timms and Jeremy Heimans, to the legacy of Charlotte’s late father Michael Japp, who passed away in December 2018.


CIRKEL Founder, Charlotte Japp, was featured in an interview on’s Gen2Gen campaign blog. Written by Sarah McKinney Gibson, the article explored some of the inner workings of a CIRKEL event, from how speakers are selected to what happened at the very first event that indicated it was the start of something big.


Prabal Gurung captured the full intergenerational conversation between fashion industry leaders (from left to right) Lindsay Peoples Wagner (EIC at Teen Vogue), Michelle Lee (EIC at Allure), Bethann Hardison (trailblazing model and activist), and designer Prabal Gurung. The panel talk covered everything from “breaking in” without connections, to depicting people in the media as they really are in the real world. Click the video box to watch.

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For CIRKEL: the tech edition, Danika Cleary Laszuk spoke about her career experience from the tech boom in the 2000’s to today: from introducing Hewlett-Packard’s first consumer laptop, to debuting the first iPod at Apple, to shepherding the next generation of builders as the GM at betaworks camp, a tech accelerator.