Closing the generational loop


Cirkel was founded by a 27-year-old with a deep appreciation for her parents and other older, wiser people: Charlotte Japp.

Early in her career, Charlotte noticed a huge gap between the 20-somethings she worked with and baby boomers like her parents, who had decades of experience, but were forced to retire or start secondary careers due to ageist hiring trends. Her friends and colleagues wanted career mentorship and life advice, while her parents and their friends were looking for new skills and trend reports to stay relevant in their careers.

Enter CIRKEL, an intergenerational platform to close that loop through speaker-led storytelling, networking, and co-mentorships.

Charlotte is passionate about connecting people and believes there’s a big opportunity for doing so across generations.


Here’s a photo of Charlotte with her parents (slash best friends and CIRKEL muses, Michael and Christina) at her high school pre-prom party.

It was the first time her friends connected with people their parents’ age in a social environment and honestly, it was more lit than the actual prom.