Closing the generational loop

Here’s a photo of Charlotte with her parents at her high school pre-prom party.

It was the first time her friends connected with people their parents’ age in a social environment and honestly, it was more lit than the actual prom.

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David Harry Stewart

Founder at CEO, AGEIST



CIRKEL was founded by Charlotte Japp, a 27-year-old with a deep appreciation for her parents and other older, interesting people.

Early in her career, Charlotte noticed a huge gap between the 20-somethings she worked with and baby boomers like her parents, who had decades of experience, but were forced to retire or start secondary careers due to ageist hiring trends. Her friends and colleagues wanted career mentorship and life advice, while her parents and their friends were looking for new skills and trend reports to stay relevant in their careers.

Enter CIRKEL, an intergenerational platform to close that loop through speaker-led storytelling, intergenerational networking, and two-way mentorships.

Charlotte is passionate about connecting people and believes there’s a big opportunity for doing so across generations.


CIRKEL Advisors

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Marci Alboher

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Erika Lewis

VP, Engagement and Cultural Marketing at Live Nation, Co-Founder at Grits & Biscuits


It is tiresome to be either the oldest person in the room, receiving little or no interest from the young 'uns, or being in a room with only people my age. Finding a happy medium is not easy.  Believe me when I tell you because I have been looking for quite some time.

CIRKEL has it figured out.  A way to bring generations back together.  This is  so refreshing! Reminds me of the parties my parents threw when we were growing up. It was always a mix of ages.  All yakking away and having a great time.  Many of us stayed friends for decades and counting.

More please!

-Tulis, 69 years old after attending her first CIRKEL event

Thank you so much for taking the time to host the CIRKEL: Fashion panel last Thursday. It was truly the best panel I have ever been to, and I have been to many! In particular, the choice of line up was extraordinarily well done - each figure had so much wisdom and insight given their own experiences, and it was fascinating to see them recount their thoughts on the industry given their different positions, ages, and ethnic background. 

Thank you for hosting such a dynamic event! It truly inspired me to chase after my dreams, knowing that others like myself have succeeded doing so. Looking forward to future CIRKEL events!

-Sara, 23 years old after her first CIRKEL event